Yankee Jims


Colfax, CA

As summer is coming to a close and you are trying to squeeze the last bit of fun out of the season what better way to do so than some more adventuring. Yankee Jims is a classic swimming hole off of the North Fork of the American river riddled with jumping rocks and crystal blue waters. “Yankee Jims” is simply the area under and surrounding the the Yankee Jims Bridge but once you find the bridge there is really no “right spot”to be. This destination is a quick hike down from the road once you get there but the drive in is little dicey. There are many sharp curves on a narrow dirt road so proceed with caution. But if you drive slowly, its definitely maneuverable and well worth it in the end.

Here is a link with directions and other helpful tips about the swimming hole!


Happy adventuring!!

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Yogurt Park

  Berkeley, CA If you’ve ever been to Berkeley and you haven’t been to Yogurt Park, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. YoPo has been a Cal student favorite since its opening in 1977 and is absurdly affordable considering the amount of froyo and toppings they pack in there. They switch up their flavors daily but they […]

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Sunflower Fields

Yolo County, CA What better place to spend a beautiful summer day than frolicking through endless fields of sunflowers? Sounds like a movie right? In Yolo County, California there are acres of sunflowers blooming right now just waiting for you to go and take an epic (but still pretty basic) Instagram in. Whether you are […]

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Sykes Hot Springs

Big Sur, CA // Ventana Wilderness


This adventure is for backpackers who are okay with a relatively difficult 20 mile hike (10 miles each way). So all of you “hikers” out there who are “down” but not really (you know who you are) maybe take a pass on this one. For those of you who are actually down, the journey is well worth the trek and rewards your efforts with all natural hot springs!! There are several places to camp near the pools or you can pitch a tent along the riverbank. After the long sweaty journey, the river is a cool respite before the final venture to the pools. It is also a nice option after you’ve had your hot spring fill to help wash away the sulfur smell. To reach the pools, start at the Ventana Wilderness parking area and follow the signs for the Pine Ridge Trail. If you’ve ever had the inkling to experience hot springs for yourself, Sykes is a great option and provides a chance to see a different yet beautiful side of Big Sur.



*Either bring a map or have directions screen shotted prior to your hike because there is little to no phone service.
*Bring bug spray. This is a non-negotiable must.
*bring a swimsuit…obviously.
*Use full-duty hiking backpacks and stay overnight with a tent.
*Real hiking boots may be the move.It can be done with Nikes (speaking from experience) but if you own a pair of legit boots it wouldn’t hurt to break them out.
*Part of highway 1 is closed due to a mudslide this year so make sure to plan out your driving directions before you hit the road.


here are 2 websites to find additional info on-

Hike on Norcalers, hike on!

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Marianne’s Ice Cream

Santa Cruz, CA

The “classic” ice cream parlor, Marianne’s has established itself as a staple of Santa Cruz. Think vintage wall paper and red leather booth seating—the works. The ice creamery boasts an impressive 105 homemade flavors on its menu and allows you to taste flavors to your hearts content before ordering (without getting the side eye from workers). From fruity specifics like Coconut Pineapple and Northern Oregon Blackberry to local favorites like 10/20 and Kahlua Krunch, Marianne’s has a flavor to tickle everyones fancy. Unlike some new hipster ice cream joints, petite servings are a foreign concept and they offer generous servings for their price. They are open until 11pm on weekdays and midnight on the weekends shape themselves into an instant late-night go-to. Marianne’s is a must hit for anyone in the area—unless you don’t like ice cream but at that point we have bigger problems.

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Black Sands Beach


Sausalito, CA

Some may think that black sand beaches are limited far off places like Hawaii or Iceland— BUT being the best place in all the land, Norcal has its own version of the rare coastline feature. In the Golden Gate recreation area on the Sausalito Coast lies the appropriately named Black Sands Beach which in fact does have black sand (surprise!!).  The oceanfront offers sweeping views stretching from the City & the Golden Gate to Point Bonita Lighthouse. It is a relatively secluded destination and in classic “free spirit” San Francisco fashion this particular stretch of sand is a “clothing optional” beach. The coastline is broken into different coves which have rock formations lined with intricate layers of sediment shaped by years of ocean tides. Black Sands is a short distanced walk down the path from Upperfisherman’s trailhead which is located directly off of Conzelman road. There is a parking lot at the trailhead but you can also just park on the roadside without any fee. Attached is a link of the exact location of the beach. Happy adventuring!!

See Black Sands Beach ( https://maps.app.goo.gl/i/Qnacy ) in Google Maps.

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Gizdich Farms: Berry Picking

Watsonville, CA Berry picking is a summer staple and somehow the ones you pick always taste better than the ones you buy at the store. There are tons of different berry farms around Norcal all offering different varieties throughout the season. This specific one, Gizdich Ranch, is located in Watsonville California on the Monterey Bay. […]

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