Marianne’s Ice Cream

Santa Cruz, CA

The “classic” ice cream parlor, Marianne’s has established itself as a staple of Santa Cruz. Think vintage wall paper and red leather booth seating—the works. The ice creamery boasts an impressive 105 homemade flavors on its menu and allows you to taste flavors to your hearts content before ordering (without getting the side eye from workers). From fruity specifics like Coconut Pineapple and Northern Oregon Blackberry to local favorites like 10/20 and Kahlua Krunch, Marianne’s has a flavor to tickle everyones fancy. Unlike some new hipster ice cream joints, petite servings are a foreign concept and they offer generous servings for their price. They are open until 11pm on weekdays and midnight on the weekends shape themselves into an instant late-night go-to. Marianne’s is a must hit for anyone in the area—unless you don’t like ice cream but at that point we have bigger problems.


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