Sykes Hot Springs

Big Sur, CA // Ventana Wilderness


This adventure is for backpackers who are okay with a relatively difficult 20 mile hike (10 miles each way). So all of you “hikers” out there who are “down” but not really (you know who you are) maybe take a pass on this one. For those of you who are actually down, the journey is well worth the trek and rewards your efforts with all natural hot springs!! There are several places to camp near the pools or you can pitch a tent along the riverbank. After the long sweaty journey, the river is a cool respite before the final venture to the pools. It is also a nice option after you’ve had your hot spring fill to help wash away the sulfur smell. To reach the pools, start at the Ventana Wilderness parking area and follow the signs for the Pine Ridge Trail. If you’ve ever had the inkling to experience hot springs for yourself, Sykes is a great option and provides a chance to see a different yet beautiful side of Big Sur.



*Either bring a map or have directions screen shotted prior to your hike because there is little to no phone service.
*Bring bug spray. This is a non-negotiable must.
*bring a swimsuit…obviously.
*Use full-duty hiking backpacks and stay overnight with a tent.
*Real hiking boots may be the move.It can be done with Nikes (speaking from experience) but if you own a pair of legit boots it wouldn’t hurt to break them out.
*Part of highway 1 is closed due to a mudslide this year so make sure to plan out your driving directions before you hit the road.


here are 2 websites to find additional info on-

Hike on Norcalers, hike on!


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