Yogurt Park


Berkeley, CA

If you’ve ever been to Berkeley and you haven’t been to Yogurt Park, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. YoPo has been a Cal student favorite since its opening in 1977 and is absurdly affordable considering the amount of froyo and toppings they pack in there. They switch up their flavors daily but they always offer good ol’ Vanilla Classic and Ghirardelli Chocolate. Being the steadfast establishment that it is, YoPo stays open until midnight every night of the week, rain or shine. And the staff never gives you a hard time for coming in right before closing (so yes if you run up at 11:58 p.m. they will serve you with a smile on their face through the takeout window). In case you aren’t convinced yet, they also have all the classic toppings from cookie dough and Oreos to hot fudge and rainbow sprinkles that you can mix and match for a mere 80 cents—so yes, you can have it ALL.

In conclusion, Yogurt Park is a beloved summer(…/fall/winter/spring) treat that captures the somewhat grimy yet endearing side of Berkeley we students all hold so dear to our hearts.



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